Friday, January 13, 2012

Student Writing Reflection Part 2 - Analyzing Creatively

Wordle: Untitled
Sometimes, it is nice to change-up the way we reflect on our writing or thinking. A word cloud is one visual way to do a more creative analysis. Wordle is just one of those word cloud tools.

1. Select and Copy your writing
2. Go to or another word cloud program
3. Click on "Create"
4. In the first box, paste in the text you copied from your writing
5. Click on "Go"
6. Adjust the color, language preferences, layout, etc. 
7. You can now either print it, take a screen shot of it to use elsewhere, or post on a blog or website.
     7a. To post on a blog or website, you'll need to save to the public gallery (bottom of the page)
     7b. Once it finishes, scroll to the bottom, select and copy the HTML code
     7c. In your blog post or site, make sure you have enabled HTML editing.
     7d. Paste in the HTML code
     7e. Add any additional thoughts

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