Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Like You Mean It!

Writing an Effective Blog Post
Yes, this post breaks some of the rules ;-)

Appealing Title
  • Include a keyword that applies to your message
  • Capitalize the Key Words in Title

Share Your Opinion and Be Honest
  • Write what you think, not what you think someone else wants to read
  • Do so professionally

Include Links if Applicable
  • Point of Reference - article, web site, etc. you are talking about.
  • Resources

Make it Easy to Read
  • Bullet points
  • Short paragraphs - Several short paragraphs are easier to read than long paragraphs
  • The first sentence of each paragraph should make your reader want to read the rest.
  • Headings
  • Avoid overuse of bold, italics, colored text, etc. You don’t want to make it visually uncomfortable to read

Don’t Cut and Paste from MS Word
  • Formatting can change and may look different in different browsers

Short Posts are Okay
  • Make it easy to read. It isn’t supposed to be an essay



So What Do You Think About That?

Writing an Effective Blog Post Comment

Be Specific
  • compliments, questions, adding new information

It’s Okay to Disagree
  • It’s OK to be critical, but be respective and constructive about it by offering an alternative

Provide Context
  • Explain what part the post you’re responding to

Make a Point
  • “Great post”, “Thank you”, and “Well said”  don’t add to the conversation

Keep it Short

Example Blog Posts