Friday, April 6, 2012

Sharing Student Work for 2011-2012

As mentioned early on in the year, you will be presenting student work samples year instead of putting together a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Since the original plan for attaching documents to your blog posts isn't going to work quite as hoped, we've worked out an alternate plan.  You have a couple of choices as to how you'd like to share your student samples.

  2. Livebinders - If you choose to use a Livebinder, please place a link to your Livebinder on your page of the wiki.
You can embed or link documents, images, videos, or whatever else makes sense to show what your students have done to demonstrate their learning and growth related the Foundations project. You'll be sharing your student work via the wiki or Live binder at the May18th session.

More information about wikis and sample wikis- Wiki Wiki What?