Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaching American History Grant

San Marcos Unified School District's Teaching American History Grant Project
Project Title: Foundations
Amount of Award: $822, 216 (Three year period)

Goals, objectives, and expected outcomes for the project:
  • Increase the history content knowledge-Teachers will raise their test scores between a pre-and post-test by 35%.
  • Utilize a series of formal historical thinking and content literacy skills-80% of participants will score at proficient or above on an historical thinking assessment.
  • Foster  a powerful and enduring history-based professional learning community-80% of participants will attend 80% of available training hours. 100% of participants will develop at least one high quality lesson plan each year.
  • Improve the achievement of students and increase their knowledge of traditional American History-Students will raise their test scores between a pre- and post-test by 20%.
  • Integrate history content into English language arts-80% of participants will have developed an ELA-equivalent lesson by the end of each year.
  • Utilize Web 2.0 technology-All submitted lesson plans will be uploaded to the project website (blog). 80% of participants will use and post entries on any of the following: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, chats, or discussion forums on the project website.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

AHF Blogs

I am very excited that we will have the opportunity to use our AHF blogs throughout the 2011/12 school year to showcase the great things that are happening in the classrooms!

Adina, Shez, and I are the authors of the AHF Foundations blog, so we will continue to post general announcements and training information on this blog.

As you may recall, each of you has created an individual blog at our December 2010 workshop, so when you post your entry you will be using your AHF blog, and other participants will be able to post comments on your blog. You log into your blog using your gmail account.

These are the links to your individual blogs:

Ruthi A.
Kathy C
Julie C
Cris D
Robin F
Yvonne F
Jill H
Adam K
Che L
Emily M
Kristine M
Karen M
Teresa M
Nicole M
Becca M
Suzy M
Stephanie M
Jay N
Karen S
Kristin S
Laura S
Brenda T
Jen W
Cori W
Mackie/Stanton 2013